About Mari


Why Mari Sabe? Who is Mari Sabe? My full name is Sandra Marilu Leiva, my family and close friends call me Mari, so clearly that’s where the “Mari” comes from. Why Sabe though? In Spanish “Sabe” means “know.” So Mari Knows is the name of my business, does it sound cocky? Yes, is there a deeper meaning behind it? Of course. Before I was the type to not accredit myself for things I KNEW I did well. If people complemented me or said “that was great” or “you did amazing” I’d always brush off the credit. Well as I started reading and creating a circle of positive driven individuals, my mindset started changing. Yes, there’s of course always room for improvement but I KNOW. So now when people complement me or give me positive feedback I don’t brush it off, I simply take it and say thank you because I know! I want to become a magnet; an influencer and help people and women through fashion start accepting their strengths, embracing them and letting themselves know that THEY know. I am passionate and I know, I am confident and I know, I am strong and I know, I am creative and I know, I am influential and I know, I am curvy and I know, I am dedicated and I know, I know fashion and I know, I can create something out of nothing and I know, I have all the energy in the world and I know, I will be known as one of the best in my industry and I know…. Cause at the end of the day Mari Sabe.