Bye Bye Houston

This title was not click bait, I promise LOL. I am actually and technically moving out of Houston in September! Javy and I decided to move to Katy, Cinco Ranch area to be exact! We are very excited!

While I am excited about our move, I am also a bit anxious. I’m used to living in the city. It’s really not a huge deal cause I’ll still have access to the city… Downtown will be far though and with today’s traffic it might take us like almost an hour to get to that area. However it’s a whole new area to explore, still in construction because it’s a growing community! It’ll be a lot more calmer for us but the 2 most important things for me will be within 20 minutes or less from me (my parents home and work!)

So if any of you are familiar with the area, drop some recommendations below! Anything from restaurants, bars, hangout spots to cool potential photo shoot places lmk!

I’m also excited to share this super cute outfit! Reason being is because I’m featuring one of my own creations along with it, The Andrea Detachable Skirt! See how I incorporated it to my already cute outfit below. I really wanna start promoting myself more than anything and use my influencer platform to grow myself and my own brand. So I will be releasing some new stuff and focus more on sharing almost ONLY Mari Sabe fashion… I wanna get to a point where that is all I share. If you are reading this, your support would mean a lot, so stay tuned for what’s to come <3

Wish you guys an amazing and relaxing weekend!

Link to Detachable Skirt
Andrea Detachable Skirt

Pics of the OOTD and how I used the skirt!

Without Skirt…

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