4 things women and men should know about each other…

It’s Friday! Enough to get you in a happy mood if you work a corporate job like 90% of America does. Regardless Thank God for a job, coworkers and opportunities…. but DANG Thank God for Fridays! LOL… So as I’ve vaguely mentioned to some friends, I started going to church again. Javy and I are currently attending Hope City. Many of you may have heard about it, some of you probably already go there. We love it and Javy and I can now call it our home church.

So having been grown up in the gospel and then drifting away from God trying to find my own identity, making a great handful of mistakes in the past and starting over many times… I always come back to my foundation which is God. I don’t consider myself religious and I don’t really like to classify myself within a certain denomination, I just know I truly believe in God and in the fact that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and died for my sins.

So with that being said I can go into my short story… hopefully you’re still reading lmao. After my divorce and before Javy came into the picture I put myself through a very bad dating cycle, which I quickly realized from speaking to other men and women that I wasn’t the only that had gone through that and unfortunately for many are still going through it. So this past weekend they started the Relationship Series at our church. I think it’s an amazing series that every single person should listen to at least once.

I wanted to share with you guys a few of the notes I took from the preaching in hopes that maybe just maybe someone might be needing to hear it and can benefit from it just like I did.

Things to know about LOVE….
1. Love is not a feeling or emotion, it’s a choice and decision you make everyday. You may not like your partner 100% of the time, they may annoy you and at times upset you BUT regardless everyday you wake up you choose to love them!
2. Forget what Hollywood and Society has taught us, clearly it has brought us to make some of the worst decisions of our lives. The whole “Everything will be better until I find the right one” thing is nothing but a myth. There’s no such thing as the right one, you can work on yourself to become the right one and then you will stop attracting trash.
3. Thirsty lowers your standards… in other words don’t be thirsty.

Now to something we’ve all been wanting to know and you may already know but need a reminder… Pastor Jeremy went over the Top 4 things men want women to know and women would like for men to know in a committed marriage and relationship:

1. Women seek consistent communication
2. Women want to feel protected
3. Women want quality time with you
4. Women want to feel pursued

1. Men want to be respected and know that you believe in them
2. Your men wants you to initiate sex
3. Men want you to be his best friend and know that you’re his
4. Men want to feel appreciated.

So just a few tips and important things I wanted to drop. There’s definitely more to the relationship series but for that you’ll have to come to Hope City to listen to the rest


So I just hope you might take something from this. Coming from someone that made mistakes and really screwed up in the past… Today I refuse to just go with the flow and do things like everyone else is doing them just because it’s the “cool” thing to do. I want to be happy and at peace in every aspect of my life. So hope this can help someone the way it helped me.

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