I felt like I was gonna die

Hey Guys! I’m currently loving my consistency on keeping up with my blog since the site has been up. Loving how my site is turning out. Make sure to subscribe if you pass by and show some love! There’s always something to look forward to and then there’s always curve balls life throws your way. Lately that’s kind of been the case.

I was debating if to share what happened to me on Tuesday night or not… I decided to do so. Things started off great! I was featured on the Houston Life show with Hosts Derrick and Courtney on Channel 2 along with a few of my favorite Houston Latina Bloggers. We were invited to impersonate our QUEEN Selena Quintanilla and did amazing. Every single one of us had something that inspired Selena. It was truly an amazing experience.

It was all going great but then later that day I found out that my identity had been stolen. I’m not gonna go too into how I found out and what they used my identity for… but it was a major shock to me because I honestly didn’t know how to handle it or deal with it. At the moment I was really infuriated. I had to make a few phone calls here and there and am still in the process of fixing things. Regardless I tried to go on with my day and stay positive. I am definitely not the only person that has gone through this so I figured I’d just try not to stress too much about it.

I went home and wanted to get my mind off of things, enjoy the rest of my evening. My boyfriend cooked some bomb ass steak that night and we started eating, out of nowhere I started feeling weird. I guess Javy noticed that I started getting pale and asked if I was okay. I think my response was “idk.” After that all I remember was him asking if he should call 911. I just nodded cause I felt like I couldn’t even talk. My vision was blurry I felt my eyes kept going back and I just felt like I wanted to sleep and fall back. There was little moments where I also felt nauseous. I had a hard time breathing. Javy kept saying “breathe babe, breathe” and kept pouring cold water on me. I asked him if they were here already (the ambulance) and he said they were almost there.

The paramedics got there and started checking my pulse and pressure. They had a hard time finding my pulse, Javy said he could barely feel my heart beating. I heard the lady paramedic say 80 over 40, that’s how low my pressure was. So they took me down to the ambulance and on to the hospital. I eventually started feeling better, I did have a huge headache after everything. The doctor told Javy that I was hypotensive and dehydrated. I definitely needed more water in my system. It’s 2 days after the whole incident happened and I still feel weak at times, a little bit of trouble breathing and my chest sometimes feels pressured. There is sudden moments where I feel dizzy and weird but overall I feel better. One of the scariest things that has ever happened to me!

At that moment when my pressure dropped I thought I was gonna die. At least it felt that way, I felt like I was in between. Idk if that makes sense but I’m sure if you’ve ever passed out or fainted you know the feeling. I’ve had a history of low blood pressure but never that bad. Of course I learned a major lesson… DRINK MORE WATER. My body was so dehydrated and I felt it. I’m always gonna remember that night and luckily nothing worse happened. I’m still dealing with the issues, as I’m writing this I feel weird and dizzy. It’s frustrating at times cause issues like this disrupt your normal.

Regardless, I wanted to write this also to remind myself and all of us that as long as we’re breathing we have the great opportunity of making big things happen. Of course I’m gonna try to avoid stress from now on, I believe that also played a role as to why I felt like that. I’m gonna do my best to live a healthier life all around. Health is important and not just in terms of being fit and things like that, but mentally and also being aware of what you put into your body. It’s Friday, let’s continue to have an amazing weekend and let’s go and MAKE FETCH HAPPEN! This is another one of my designs guys 🙂


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