Am I trying to be a fashion blogger or designer?

The truth to the above question is that I wanna be both. I started with blogging and thankfully grew my platform which helped me build amazing connections with small business owners and fellow bloggers and influencers all over Houston.

I have always wanted to be a fashion designer, in reality that has been the main goal since day 1. I figured though that a smart route for me was to build a platform where I could still share my passion for fashion and eventually introduce a collection.

Now that I launched my first show and collection I want to definitely continue blogging and start promoting myself. My biggest challenge at the moment is the need for a manufacturer. Guys, building a business is a roller coaster ride for real. And the thing is that it’s not because I’m emotional or always in my feelings (even though I know sometimes I am) but I am human and am working on that. Anyway after the show I knew work would be more and the pressure to perform would increase.

Hence where my little random emotional moments come in. Cause see I have very big dreams, I don’t wanna just be a small local designer. I want to be national, international. I want to build a well-known brand. So sometimes impatience and frustration kicks in, that’s when you’ll see me venting or posting something about it. At the end of the day I have come to understand that absolutely no one will understand and see your vision the way you do and I AM STILL A STUDENT IN LEARNING TO LOVE THE PROCESS. So I’ll just keep walking this walk that was intended for me until I reach the end goal.

I did though want to also take this moment and share a small clip and video of my fashion show. Thank you to Right Time Solutions Photography for capturing this beautiful small clip of the show. I also included 2 pictures of me wearing 2 of my designs (proud moment)


So take a look and if you are interested all designs are available on the shop!

Link to shop the dress:

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