What happened to my old website??

Hello! I am back… finally! With a new website, new look and a Debut Collection. And here is my very first blog, on my new website that is. So I decided to shut down my old website due to the fact that it got malware… which means people started getting directed to funky sites that shall not be named (I’m sure you can take a guess.) Just act like you’ve never visited it, sure… LOL.


Anywaaay, so after a couple of people reached out to me I just decided to start fresh and new after the fashion show. And HERE. I. AM. So I decided to change a lot after the show. My boutique IG got re-vamped, my actual personal/blogging IG is getting re-vamped. Let’s see if you can notice what I’m trying to do there… Even my pop-up tent got a whole new look. I wanted to bring a whole new concept to everything and make it visually tasteful and attractive to the eye.

So just a few key notes about my website:
1. It’s simpler and straight to the point
2. You can keep up with all my events each month
3. ALL my designs are available for purchase online and straight from here

And now that I’ve explained that…. HOORAY for my first blog!! I wanted to get more creative with everything I did. From content to outfits I didn’t want to half ass what I posted. With that being said, here is my first outfit. Got it on AMAZON, this cute and comfy two-piece was less than $25. Check it out and lmk what you think on the comments below!

Hat available at:

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  1. Crystal says:

    So cute! I love the sunflowers! This outfit is perfect for Houston’s Summers!! 😊

    1. marisabe says:

      Totally agree! And it’s super comfy!

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